Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 16: Words and Fuck

Words are very interesting. I just watched a very interesting documentary called "Fuck"

 We have, as humans, defined words based on how we see them in our own mind. There are so many different interpretations of just one word. This is because we define words according to our own minds and thoughts and experiences and emotions and feelings and memories and imaginations and pre-programming.

If we define the words in our language based on our emotions and feelings and thoughts and memories and experiences and imaginations and pre-programming then we really don't know how to communicate with each other because each individual word is going to mean something different to each individual here.

 So... this language that we use to communicate is not very direct. How can we communicate effectively if we have different definitions for each word we use in our language?

So I have came to the realization that a part of being able to bring about a world that is best for all Life is by changing the definitions of the words we speak and live as - doing this would allow us to effectively communicate with each other as all as one as equal.

More to come...

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