Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 29: Committments and realizations to seeing 3:33

I realize that I have programmed myself into seeing the time and numbers 3:33.

I realize that I began to see 3:33 more often after reading about the 3:33 and 11:11 meanings. 

I realize that when I place an importance on seeing numbers that I blind myself from what I have accepted and allowed.

I realize that I have programmed myself into seeing 3:33 because of living based on self-interest instead of what is best for all.

I realize that living based on one's own self-interest leads to the want/desire to be seen as important.

I realize that I have not yet taken responsibility for myself which is why I place importance on seeing the number 3:33, thinking and believing that seeing 3:33 means I will change just because of seeing the numbers 3:33.

I realize, see, and understand that if I was being self-directive I would not be placing a feeling of importance onto seeing a combination of numbers. 

I realize and accept that seeing the numbers 3:33 will not go away in one moment.

When and as I see the time 3:33 and have a reaction, whether positive - thinking that I am special by seeing 3:33 or whether negative - getting angry because I realize that I have programmed myself into see this sequence of numbers - I stop and breathe. I do not accept or allow my mind to create ideas of what seeing a sequence of numbers means. Instead I simply notice that I have seen these numbers and continue on with whatever I am doing at the moment.

I commit myself to notice when I see the time 3:33 and react - thinking that there is some kind of significance to seeing these numbers.

I commit myself to notice when and as I place a feeling of importance on something outside of myself and within this I commit myself to stop myself within the breath when I think something outside of myself is showing me something.

I commit myself to live here within the principle of oneness and equality and to notice when and as I am living in self-interest by thinking I am important or special.

I commit myself to notice when I have deceived myself from living in oneness and equality. 

I commit myself to direct myself, the one who takes charge of his own life instead of letting thoughts/beliefs/ideas direct me and how I live.


  1. cool Johnathan. did you watch my vid on numbers?, enjoy

  2. Yeah, very cool vlog about how easily we can be programmed.