Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 43: Being in Class cont...

I commit myself to stop blaming my teacher for going through material quickly as I realize that I have the choice to go over the material again on my own in order to understand it.

I commit myself to go through the material that I didn't understand in class at my own pace so that I understand the material. 

I commit myself to when and as I don't understand something in class to ask the teacher what it is that I don't understand even if I feel like it will be seen as a stupid question in the eyes of others - I realize that by asking the teacher a question about something that I don't understand I will be challenging my own ego and the made up image that I have created in my mind that wants to be seen as to smart to ask questions and thus I commit myself to challenge my ego.

I commit myself to stop the made up beliefs of how I think others see me and think about me as I realize these are only made up ideas my own mind.

I commit myself to notice when and as I am judging myself and others based on ideas that I have made up in my own mind.

I commit myself to stop labeling other people I go to school with based on what they are majoring in.

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