Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 57: I am cool because I smoke weed cont...

This is a continuation from Day 56: I am cool because I smoke weed

I commit myself to investigate all definitions that I have defined myself as and how these definitions have came about and how they were formed.

I commit myself to stop all thoughts/ideas in my mind about being special and wanting to be noticed by others as I realize that no one is specifically special and that collectively life is special because life is life and to think of myself as special or important is disregarding life.

I commit myself to notice the thoughts that I have that are based on self-interest and how these thoughts have an effect on my physical living/being.

I commit myself to investigate myself in all dimensions and I realize that there are many dimensions that I have created ever since I have existed in this physical reality and I realize that this is the starting point of being intimate with myself and actually caring for myself and taking responsibility for myself.

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