Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 58: I Shaved her Hair

Recently I have shaved one of my friend's hair and it was a really cool experience. A few other friends were there with us to watch this transformation of having long hair to hardly any hair. It was fucking awesome to shave a woman's hair. We all stayed up all night and had a great time talking with each other and sharing ourselves with each other. The female's hair I shaved and I didn't fall asleep and I noticed myself while going to classes the next day with no sleep wondering how her day was going and kind of worrying about her. I was worrying about what other people were going to say to her or think about her. Why the fuck was I worrying so much. I am sure the sleep point didn't help because I ended up getting very slap happy in my classes. But this is something I will be investigating.... to be continued

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