Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 84: Early experiences of 'Love [Part 9]

Continuing my with my experiences of being in love and in relationships. I met this girl who was a music major through a friend of mine that I had known since the third grade. The very first thing I noticed about her was that she had dreadlocks and I automatically became interested in her and wanted to get to know her. I thought it was hot for a girl to have dreads. So a few of us music majors and a few others always hung out together. We would play tennis, smoke weed, get drunk, play video games, etc... I ended up going into a relationship with this girl whom I was attracted to. It is interesting, I now realize that it was her hair that made me attracted to her in the first place. After a month or so we always would stay the night with each other even though we didn't live in the same house so we were pretty much attached to each other. We were both music majors so we would always go to the school and practice at the same time.

I remember a time when I was hanging out with my friends and she flipped out. My friend picked me up and then she drove up and she saw us and I said "Go Go Go!" I felt like I was being suffocated by her and decided to not deal with it at that moment and just ignored it instead of talking with her about it.

Later I went back to school in another state, where I am still at today. She stayed at the school she was at. Every weekend we would normally see each other. We lived 5 hours apart. She would drive here one weekend and I would drive there the next weekend. At the very end of the semester in the spring we couldn't see each other for one month because of obligations for school. I could tell things weren't going well.  She came down here and broke up with me. I wanted to stay in the relationship because we made plans about here coming here to live with me and I was obviously attached. I remember blaming her for not wanting to continue the relationship because we didn't see each other for over a month and that her feelings have changed just because we couldn't see each other.

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