Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 102: Remove Countries

It is interesting to look at this world and how we have separated ourselves from each other. There are many different countries with different beliefs on how things should be conducted while on this planet. The planet has somewhere around 200 different countries. Why? We live on the same planet and are given the resources from earth equally but countries have fucked this up. Certain countries get more and control more of what the earth has provided for us than other countries.

We as humans have separated ourselves from each other through the countries we were born into. It is really rather strange how this works. Anyone with common sense would agree that it depends on where you were born, what part of the world you were born is the basic factor that chooses what religion will be shoved down your throat and are told to believe in at a very young age. This doesn't only happen with religion but with almost every single thing. If you are born in a certain country you might have more of an opportunity to have access to food and if you were born in a different country you might not have the opportunity to have access to food. What the Fuck? Why does this shit happen? It happens because we have separated ourselves from each other instead of seeing, realizing, and understanding that we are all ONE. The earth and the animals realize this and always have. Only humans have drawn lines on a map and believe, "You are different than me and should stay over there and if you want to come over here you need the proper paperwork".

All of the lines that have been drawn on pieces of paper that shows which country you belong to is a fucked up thing. We will keep on killing and having more wars until we get rid of the fucking lines that we have drawn on a fucking map. This is all done in the mind. Things will only get better if we stop all of the imaginary lines that have been created in our minds.

What is the solution? An Equal Money System is the solution! I know the NWO/Illuminati believers will not go for this but that is something I will go into in a later post.

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