Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 104: hope and self interest

Something I realize about the hope character. So I failed a class and have to take it over. I knew I wasn't taking responsibility for the work in this class. Every time I had homework for this class I would put it off or not do it and become the hope character. Any thought about about homework, doing homework, thinking of doing the homework later, thinking of not doing the homework, thinking about going to class, thinking about not going to class I would essentially be acting out the hope character.

Looking at this now I realize that I was living in self-interest. I would rather do something else than doing the homework. Many times I thought "I will do it later". "I will do it later" because I would rather be doing something else more enjoyable. This is self-interest. This type of living is not living in a way this is best for all because if I do this in one area in my life I will most likely be doing it in many other areas as well.


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