Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 92: My beef with education and academic teachers [Part One]

I am going to start looking at my views I have on education and the teachers I have. There will be many posts in this series. 

I have a paper due in a class very soon and have put off starting on it. This class is political philosophy and I always enjoy the discussions we have in the class. I emailed my teacher to ask him about my paper topic and to make sure I know that I am approaching the paper right and the topic is ok.  His response was "Your topic can be on greed but not capitalism.  You are not to critique a particular theory or ideology but discuss a theme as it relates to human nature and the course topics and readings.  So greed works, but not capitalism. you need to use print book or articles. If you have to use an electronic one you need to follow the protocols discussed in class Wed. I have gone over this assignment several times and you have had ample time and I'm really suprised you do not understand it at this point". His response pissed me off. I thought how can we not talk about capitalism in our paper if this class is called "political philosophy"? I now realize that this class is about studying what those call the "great philosophers" of the past like Plato, St. Augustine, Neitzche, etc... 

My backchat is partly to do with my reaction to his response to my question. He is conservative and talks very highly of our "troops". I have reacted in my mind towards him in class and think "this guy is full of shit", "I can't believe he is our teacher and is an academian idiot", "He thinks he is so smart but doesn't know anything". I am one of the few in the class who participate in discussion during class and we often talk about shit that has nothing to do with the philosophers that we are required to read for the class and so this pisses me off when we have to write a paper on these philosophers views when half of the class time is spent on discussion that has nothing to do with these philosophers. LOL, here I am complaining. 

The educational system that exists today doesn't teach us a damn thing but this is the world we live in so I am  going to have to learn how to work with it. So I am going to dig into this shit and investigate what my beef is with the system and investigate how I can learn how to work with the system instead of rebelling and getting pissed all the time at the system. 

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