Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 94: My beef with education and academic teachers [Part 3]

This is a continuation: Day 92: My beef with education and academic teachers [Part One] and Day 92: My beef with education and academic teachers [Part One]

Continuing with my "beef with education and academic teachers". Looking back on my experience while in middle and high school I realize something. It all started when I was in band. There was this separation that existed between band students and non-band students. We were always very successful and one of the top bands in the state with a very strict band director. There were those students who quit band because they hated the band director and his attitude. He was very strict and would use negative reinforcement and yell and scream at you if you fucked up so many quit band because of this and gossiped with other non band members and these non band members would talk shit because of what they heard from those members who quit. If you were in band in high school you couldn't do sports because of the conflict between rehearsals and practice. So there were band students and those who did sports in the extracurricular type of activities.

 At least three teachers in high school were football coaches. Two were biology teachers and talked shit about band while in class. I remember being in class and hearing this teacher say something bad about the band although I can't remember what. Us band members were aware of this type of hate speech and these teachers did it quite often. So I began to dislike any teacher who was a football coach and remember going to class and hating these type of teachers. They would have pets and they didn't like band students, at least most. The two music teachers didn't like the teachers who were football coaches and vice versa. Separation existed between the teachers and the students. Most of those in sports and us in band very much disliked each other. It was as if two cults were at war with each other.

It is interesting, after reading through what I just wrote here I realize this is when I started having emotional thoughts towards teachers.


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