Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 112: Procrastination - I will do it later continued

I am continuing on with my participation in procrastination. My mom is the type of person who likes to get things done when and as they come up. She likes to get things done immediately even when it is not possible to get the thing done, lol. While growing up and to this day when my mom tells me to do something I say "I will do it later" and she always says "When?" and I might say something like "I dunno by the end of the day." "Not right now, I am on Xmas break." My dad is pretty much the opposite as he likes to procrastinate like I do. I remember having talks with my parents and my dad saying to my mom "He is more like me and likes to wait until the last minute", "He will do it later".

I realize that I have used this as a justification for not taking responsibility for things because I have thought of myself being more like my dad. Believing that it is ok to continue procrastinating because my dad has said many times "He is more like me" and that this is just the way I am and in fact believing this and using this excuse/justification is a sign that I will keep accepting and allowing myself to continue just the way I am.

More on this point to come

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