Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 114: Music and Fashion

I am taking a class about how to record music and have access to an actual studio. Pretty cool shit. This is a new building that was just built and is for those who study "traditional music" which is like bluegrass type of music. These people play banjos, guitars, strings, and those types of instruments.

I came to the building 2 hours before class to practice and had to ask if I could practice in the building before the class. The receptionist said it was ok. An hour later I decided to take a break and saw the guy who is in charge of this building and the traditional music program. I told him what I was doing there and how I plan to practice there before the recording class and was making sure it was ok. He said it was ok and would let me know if those who play or major in "traditional music" would be bothered by me in the practice rooms. He started talking about some interesting things. He said "those who play banjos in the music building (the place where I practice normally and all my classes are) were not welcome there". He went on to explain how those who are music education majors didn't like those people playing banjos and mandolins and other instruments like that and in the style they played in. I said "how could they do that? It doesn't make any sense for someone playing music to treat another person playing music in a different style like that." He didn't really respond and then I said it was Ego. He said "No, it is culture" I found that to be very interesting.

In the word culture is the word "cult".  I realize that we label ourselves as certain types of musicians like classical, jazz, bluegrass, blues, etc... So people who play music label themselves as according to the style. While in the class for recording I noticed a style of dress that was consistent in the room which was jeans and a flannel type of shirt with a kind of shoe that looked like a boot. It is a type of image that is being portrayed to others. What is this? LOL.

I admit that I used to try and dress like the singer Chino from the Deftones when I was really into them, thinking that it was a cool thing to do. What are we doing by dressing in a certain fashion or style? Why do we dress in a certain fashion or style? If you look at it you will realize it is about wanting to be noticed. Wanting to be seen as unique. Wanting to be seen as special. Wanting to be seen as important. This is separation. Why do we accept and allow the clothing we wear to define who we are? And then the fucked up thing is that we project this towards everyone.


  1. Yeah, I've also noticed this to be very prominent among musicians. One reason why I dislike working with most of them, lol, as it is common to get "stuck" with a certain kind of genre/instrument/style as self-definition beyond which it is made impossible to expand. I have found many musicians as fanatic about their approach to music as politicians are about their agenda.

    With the clothing I guess there's both the need to belong somewhere and the need to be able to label others quickly. Separating people into groups makes them easier to generalize, and generalizing makes "the others" one is so scared of easier to control within one's mind.

  2. yes, and also the "sense" of belonging to a group where one can feel more superior while in fact the person is more inferior because of this blend in, where it blindly follows it's own cultural conditions :D
    thanks for sharing, had a laugh.