Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 115: Procrastination and Emails

Continuing on with how I have lived procrastination. For context check out days 111-113.

I was writing about procrastination earlier and realized that I was writing about procrastination in the overall sense and not about one point within how I have lived procrastination. So I am going to pick that one thing that I am ready to apply on a daily basis and that is my procrastination with homework.

I have written about how I failed a class last semester and how I was living out the hope character. Hoping that I would pass because I half assed my way through classes with the same teacher and got away with it. What I realize now is that I procrastinated throughout the whole semester with this class. I missed the first two or three days of class and didn’t know where the class was because it was not in the room that was stated on my schedule. The teacher was sending us emails to our school email and that is something I don’t check often so I missed what was going on in the class because I didn’t check my school email. If I did I would have known what was going on. So I didn’t take responsibility for checking my school email and that had consequences of missing what was going on and what was expected of us to do in the class. I got off to a late start and because of that I half assed my way through the class and ended up failing because of it.

So I am taking the 2nd jazz arranging course and have to spend a lot time in the computer lab working with finale. This is something I should have been doing during the first arranging class but I always put it off because I would have had to go to the computer lab where I would rather be working in the comfort of my apartment. I would have thoughts like “I don’t want to go to the computer lab to work on my arranging project because I feel comfortable here alone in my own apartment.”

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