Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 121: You don't know what jazz is

Today during student recital there was this marimba player who played a jazz tune. It was all written out just like a classical person would play it so I automatically started to have judgments towards this music and the person who was playing it. I thought "this is not jazz. He is good at reading notes but can't improvise at all." It made me pissed off because I know people think that what he was playing jazz but it wasn't really jazz but just 7th chords that sound jazzy. I got pissed because the students in the audience think that jazz is easy when they have no idea that jazz is about improvisation. Hearing a classical player play written music in a jazz form just pissed me off, lol. When he was done I didn't clap like the audience did. There was just this backchat like "people have no idea what jazz is."

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