Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 124: The good thing about Music

The good thing about music is when you are listening nothing is going on in the mind. No thoughts, no judgement, no worries, no nothing. As soon as a single thought comes up while your listening to something you have missed something. If just one single thought comes up you are not listening. Even thinking to yourself "oh that sounds cool" while listening means you have missed something and are not listening. The mind tends to chat away about useless bullshit, at least mine does and I have noticed how supportive music can be. The thoughts, feelings, emotions that come up while listening to something is cool to look at.

I realize how busy my mind is when I sit down and listen to something. It has shown me what is going on in my inner world. Sometimes I will be listening to something and I will start thinking about random shit like what happened yesterday or what could happen tomorrow. This means I am not listening. That is a very cool thing. This is why music can be a very supportive thing.

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