Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 128: Expressing One's Self Through Writing

 I have been writing for a while and notice something about the state I am in when I write. Sometimes I sit down and just write and everything seems to flow right through me. No effort, no trying, no nothing, just writing. Other times I hesitate while writing. I go blank and sit and think about what I should be writing. I realize that when I am in a state of hesitation and then write it is not me writing me but an idea of me and who I think I should be. This is based on what I think others will think about me. So, writing in this state is not supportive because it isn't me writing me.

The same goes with my self forgiveness. Sometimes it flows and sometimes I hesitate. It is interesting that I tend to care if others will think my writings are self honest and real but this is missing the whole point of writing one's self out and writing self forgiveness.

Writing myself out and writing self forgiveness has shown me when I am expressing me as me or an idea of who I think I should be. There is no thought involved when writing one's self out. Yes, you have to think of what to write about but it shouldn't take long at all. It should be something like "oh, this happened today and I reacted this way." and then go on and write. There is nothing to think about.

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