Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 133: Verbal Diarrhea, Desteni, and George Carlin

There is a group called "Evansville Freethinkers" on facebook that I have posted a few things on. This is the town where I was born and have grown up around this area. I posted some desteni stuff and George Carlin stuff. Eventually a few people started talking about reptilians, demons, and the portal and went into an immediate reaction - attacking everything. Going on to say that desteni is a pyramid scheme and a cult. I thought that this was a page called "free thinkers" so it would be cool to talk with others who are "free thinkers" but everyone reacted to everything I posted in a hateful way. Most all just started attacking. I kept saying you have to do your homework and they said they have done the homework.

This is a definition/label I have placed on those who participate on the fb group (in the beginning)- defining them as "free thinkers" just because the group is called "Evansville Freethinkers" and then later decided to call them in my mind "close minded" because they didn't agree with the videos I posted. There was nothing but verbal diarrhea going on between me and the group. Just blabbing bullshit. I reacted with anger when I tried answering their questions and now realize how it is not worth discussing certain ideas with people. I only ended up participating in verbal diarrhea and it was something I said they were doing but it was really what I was doing when I reacted to the questions that were asked.

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