Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 137: Acceptance and Allowance Rant

You can learn a lot about yourself when you write and read the writings of others that participate in self-writing. Isn't that what we are here for - to stop the accepted and allowed bullshit that we know we keep on doing? But this all happens in secret. WE only know what we accept and allow. The more I write and self-investigate the more I realize all the bullshit that I accept and allow. It is like seeing/realizing all the dimensions of yourself and there is a fuck load and let me tell you a fuck load! Through this process I have learned a lot about myself and what I accept and allow. As soon as you investigate one thing about yourself something else will come to the surface that you couldn't see before.

When I look at my day and what happened throughout the day - my reactions, emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, self-created imagined scenarios I realize that I am responsible for myself and I let my reactions emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas etc.. influence myself and my responsibilities. It is quite interesting how this works.

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