Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 152: My Mom was my English Teacher in Middle School

Ever since around the 4th grade or so I have had problems with authority and the education system. I remember in the 4th grade we had these little reading booklets where we had to read a story and then answer questions based on the story and I had trouble with this. I made bad grades on all of these reading assignments. I don't remember everything about this time in the 4th grade but I ended up very much disliking the teacher.

The 5th grade came and hated the teacher. In the 6th grade we started to have different teachers for each subject and my mom was one of the teachers. So I had my mom as a teacher in middle school because she teaches grades 6 through 8. It was weird going to school and having my mom as a teacher. I remember while being in the 5th or 6th grade a few 8th graders would pick on me because they didn't like my mom as a teacher. Socially it was quite uncomfortable having my mom as a teacher. While in her class I acted out. She gave me conduct marks often, lol. Around that age a lot of students talk about how they don't like certain teachers. Some of my classmates would call my mom a bitch and this made me feel kind of uneasy. I felt uncomfortable being around those who talked shit about my mom as a teacher. Most of my classmates were cool and didn't care that my mom was a teacher but a few would take the anger they had towards my mom and direct it towards me through saying smart ass shit. It is hard to remember a lot of stuff during these years

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