Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 165: Blinded by the End Result

What I have noticed throughout this process is that I look at the Big Picture and focus on the the Big Picture without realizing that, if I am to change myself I have to do it in space and time. I see the end result so much that I am blinded by the steps that have to be walked to get to that "end result". I keep thinking about the "end result" and focusing on that. This shit all happens in the imagination and I imagine the "end result" without  even considering what has to be walked. 

When I look back at my writings I see this shit. I see how I have looked at the big picture so much to the point to where I have blinded myself from the steps that have to be walked to get to the point of the goal. Quite a fucked up thing. The mind is quite a fucked up thing, lol.

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