Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 175: the Power of Namaste! Spirituality for Dummies

I just watched a vlog entitled "2010 the Power of Namaste! Spirituality for Dummies," by Matti Freeman.

Here is the link:

Matti gives a great simple example of how things work in the world and how all the religions and spirituality are doing nothing to make this world a better place, a world that is best for all life. The analogy he gives is quite simple and easy to understand. Take someone who has a messy room or apartment (which is me, lol) and there is a thought that comes up of wishing it away. Wishing that the mess would go away. Sitting and imagining the mess going away. What happens here is absolutely nothing at all but going into the mind and wishing for something to happen instead of physically doing anything about it. I have to admit I do this with my living space. So we take this example of a messy living space and then look at the world and how it works. The world and how it works is the same as living in a messy living space. If we physically clean up things in a way that is best for all then things will become better but us humans don't do that.

We would rather sit on our asses and pray, meditate, chant mantras, believe UFOs will come and save us or other bullshit like that. Prayer, meditation and chanting mantras is doing nothing but sitting on your own fucking ass and Doing Nothing! After watching Matti's vlog I realize that I do this shit. I think and 'wish' my living space would become clean and this imagining creates a good feeling within myself. I have been writing about this shit for a while. About how I sit on my ass and imagine something being done instead of actually and physically taking the steps to make it a reality. I have been writing about how I do this shit with homework and daily responsibilities so this vlog hit me in the face.

So if we have the will power to clean up our own living spaces then we absolutely have the power to make this world a place that is best for all life. It is simple as that.

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