Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 177: School Reflection

Here I am Reflecting on a Self Corrective and Self Commitment Statement:

When and as I see myself using the overwhelming feeling of school to occupy my mind to the point where I don't participate in daily writing and think that not writing for a day or several days is justified because I feel overwhelmed with school - I stop and breathe. I realize that using the justification of being overwhelmed with school for not writing is just an excuse and I realize that writing on a daily basis is a way for me to slow myself down and to get to know myself which would help me understand the overwhelmingness that exists within me. I commit myself to write on a daily basis whether it be in my blog or my personal writings. 

This pattern did not change because I realize that I created my own overwhelming feeling because I did not study just a little bit each day. Instead I put off the big assignments and studying for exams until the last minute. At that point I couldn't do anything but study in a frantic state. So I guess this is a different form of the same justification that I used in the first place. At first I used the justification of school for being overwhelmed but I now realize why I created this overwhelming feeling. Summarizing what I just said - It was too late in the semester for me to stop the overwhelming feeling that I had created because of putting things off. I breathed sometimes during these times but wasn't self aware a lot because of the overwhelming feeling. 

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