Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 183: Job Jitters

I have moved back to my home town for the summer because I couldn't find any jobs in the town I go to school at. Still have no job although I had an interview yesterday. While driving to the interview I began thinking about the interview. Thinking if it would go good or bad, if the manager would like me or if he wouldn't like me, if I would get the job or not, etc... I got there early and sat in my car waiting for the interview. While waiting I became nervous. When I finally got into the interview I was nervous. I stumbled over my words and wasn't very confident with myself. Eventually this feeling went away and I became comfortable.

I think it was the very first question that he asked that made me more nervous than I already was. It was "So, tell me about yourself." I told him some of my job experience and my education history. This is when I stumbled with my words. I felt stupid because I was stumbling through my words.

It is all of this thinking that led to nervousness, these pre conceived ideas. 

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