Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 185: Babes in Toyland

Lately I have noticed that I have much to write about in order to properly disect myself in all aspects of who and what I have become. So I am gonna start here with a memory I had when I was younger. I was in the 4th or 5th grade and I had this cd of many artists playing on it. I kept listening to it over and over again. My sister was waiting for her boyfriend to come over and I wanted to impress him with this song that I liked so I kept playing it on repeat over and over again. I wanted him to hear the song I was playing when he came in the house. I wanted him to think I was cool because I was playing this song. I waited for him to come over and it took a long time so I played the song on repeat for quite a while. He eventually came but didn't care that I was playing music loud, lol. I even remember the band. It was by this all girl band called "Babes in Toyland." I paused here a minute and looked up the song on youtube and listened to it. LOL.

When I first got my license I would play music loud in my car, wanting people to think that the music I was playing was cool. I thought it was cool so I thought they would think I was cool for listening to it, lol. I wanted attention from others by playing the music loud in my car. The funny thing is that I get annoyed when I see a car driving by with loud rap music on with the bass all heavy, shit like that but I was and still do sometimes play my music loud while driving because of the want/desire of getting attention from others.

Will continue with Self-Forgiveness in my next post. 

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