Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 193: Blaming Education, Teachers and the System

Ever since this semester has ended I have been looking for a job. Finally my first day is tomorrow. I am also taking a summer class this semester and may have to drop it because I missed the first exam. I have been so pre occupied with trying to get a job that I wasn't aware of the dates the exams were. This online class started a day late because the teacher didn't post the assignments, documents, information in time and I notice that when I saw that I missed the first exam that this is the thought that came up. How he missed putting the information online for the first day. So I started to place my anger on him because I didn't take responsibility for knowing the dates each exam was due. Oh how this pissed me off. Also, when I found out I was a day late for taking the exam I started to blame the system and was so pissed off. I thought "Everything in this world is full of shit" and other shit like that.

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