Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 195: Blaming Education, Teachers, and the System Part Three

Continued from day 194

I commit myself to stop the worry about not having a job by breathing in and out, and to make a plan of what to do and to make sure that I am doing my best with the plan to get a job so I can stop the worry within me as I realize if I make a plan of how to best go about getting a job and walk this day by day then I am doing everything I can making the worry and fear of not having a job completely unnecessary.

I commit myself to be aware of what thoughts, emotions, and reactions I have towards teachers. 

I commit myself to when and as I get the syllabus for a class I am taking to read it all the way through and to write down all due dates for all assignments and exams and to place it on the wall or a place where I can see it every day so that I am aware when assignments and exams are due.

I commit myself to take responsibility for knowing the due dates for assignments and exams as I realize/see/understand that if I take responsibility and am aware of what is required of me to do for the class then I have no reason to make excuses/justifications for why I didn't take responsibility or do well in the class or having thoughts of why I hate the teacher for that class.

I commit myself to not accept and allow the problems of the educational system to create emotions within me and when and as I do see myself participating in emotions/thoughts/reactions about the educational system I stop myself and breathe in and out - I realize that I have accepted and allowed my thoughts/emotions interfere with my education and passing classes because of my anger towards it so, within this I commit myself to not accept and allow my emotions/thoughts/reactions towards a teacher or the educational system to influence me in graduating

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