Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 196: Possessed with Excitement while Skateboarding

The other day I went to the skate park. It was the 2nd time I have been in over a year. I wanted to get back into some kind of exercise because I don't do much of any physical activity anymore and have become quite self conscious about my weight. Years ago I went to the skate park almost every day because I lived very close to the park and learned how to skate on vert. It took me time to learn how to do that, three months or so of being able to do basic tricks like 50-50's, stalls, and transfers. The other day I got so excited about getting back into skating at the park that I thought I could do the same tricks as when I was really into skating. I dropped in and 50-50 stalled and then a board stall, then a tail stall and then I crashed. When on the ground it hurt but I decided to get back up to skate some more. More time went by and my wrist started hurting and swelling up. I can't move it without pain. I got so excited about skating that I allowed the excitement in me to take over instead of slowly getting back into it.

 The funny thing is this same thing happened a few years ago. I quit skating while going to college and came back to my home town during summer break. I thought I could still skate like I used to after taking 6 or so months off of skating on any vert. LOL, I guess I didn't learn my lesson. I have an MRI tonite to find out if any real damage was done.

I did not allow my body to get used to it and train itself to where it once was and instead allowed the excitement and high that skating on vert can create to possess me.

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