Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 200: Sharing with Family and Friends.

Sharing desteni is something I have done for a while. I share blogs and vlogs of destonians on facebook. When hanging with a friend I sometimes show them a youtube video. Usually the response is like "WTF! I don't get it." or they are totally against the message. Relatives have reacted to what I post on facebook. Sometimes family and friends will make smart ass remarks to me about desteni and gossip will happen. People have came up to me and said, "I heard that you are in a cult. Is this true?" When I am with a friend and we watch a video on youtube we will usually have discussion afterwards. Sometimes an argument will come up and I will try and prove myself right until the person gives up or I give up. This is based on energy and the desire of arguing. It is also based on knowledge and information. Shit that I haven't walked yet. What I have came to realize is that sharing the message with friends, say while hanging out - Watching a video and then debating on it is not the way to share the message of oneness and equality and desteni. Trying to prove oneself right based on all of this knowledge and information. Once something is walked and lived then people in your life will react and say something like "Your different than before. What happened to you?" So it is the living and walking that's what it's about instead of the sharing and debating/arguing. For example, I have came across many friends and they ask me about the weed thing. Some have said "You have changed." Within space and time the people you know will reflect back to you your change if you are walking process. This is something I have misunderstood. I used to and still do sometimes, shove all of this knowledge and information in anothers face.

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