Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 206: Overheated Chickens Die

Today I went downstairs to look for my wallet because I was planning to go to town. When I got downstairs I saw my dad in the corner holding a chicken that was overheated. Her eyes were rolling back into her head while breathing with her beak open. He brought her in to cool her off. As soon as I saw the chicken and how she was breathing I got very emotional. I ended up tearing up while watching her in my father's lap. She is still downstairs right now.

I ended up getting angry about the situation and complaining to him that he should take better care of them. There are four chickens in the back of the chicken house that don't have access to the outside and I started telling him that they are living in hell. I said "How can a living thing be happy when it isn't allowed to see the sun?" Every time he puts those four chickens with the rest they get picked on so that is why he keeps them in the back in this 4x12 space. Anyway I was crying and telling him that he should take care of them better.

I went online and checked how to help a chicken that was overheating and my mom came in asking me what I was doing and why I looked upset and where my father was. I went back into the room and told him putting cold water on the chicken's cone is supposed to help her cool down so I got a glass of cold water and dipped my finger in the glass and dropped it on her cone.

My dad and I kept talking and my mom said "You are more upset about this chicken dying than when your grandma died." The chicken is still alive though. I explained that I agree with the principle that ALL life should be taken care of and respected and especially when someone has the responsibility of caring for another life no matter what form it may be in.

After writing the previous paragraph I realize that I could've helped with the chickens and cooling them off but didn't realize it until I went outside and felt the heat and saw one right in front of me on the verge of death.

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