Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 207: My life as a Skeptic Part One

I listened to the vlog Creation's Journey to Life "Day 461: Skeptics failed the Jesus message" yesterday and after listening I realized a few things about myself and how I actually live out the word "Skeptic." So in this post I am going to go through some history about what led me to be a skeptic and later go into more detail. 

Different forms of skepticism exist like religious skepticism, philisophical skepticism, scientific skepticism and others. According to Wikepedia, "Skepticism" means:

Skepticism or scepticism (see spelling differences) is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts,[1] or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.[2]

So that is the definition of skepticism and now I am going to go into some history about myself and later post how I have lived this word called "skepticism" based on this history. 

 Through my life I started questioning things in high school. I would wonder "what about the people who were born in China or India? Are they going to hell because they don't believe in God?" I asked myself this question and even other people this question because at that time I was a "Christian" but I never put any effort into being a "Christian." I would go to church because I was forced to. The older I got through high school the less I was forced to go. But that question, "What about those who were born in different countries? Do they not go to heaven?" I saw how those who went to my father's church would act. In every church that my father preached at I noticed drama and cliques within the congregation. It has always reminded me of going to school and how the public school system is in America. Cliques like preps, jocks, stoners, nerds, losers, band geeks, artsy people, goths, etc... existed and going to church I found the same thing happening except the members of the congregation would dress the same and be involved in mostly one activity which was going to church and church type of dinners. I saw the similarity between the cliques in church and school and started thinking that "Christians" are full of shit and are not good people. I thought why would all this drama between members of the same church exist. 

Another thing is that I wondered why so many denominations existed. I remember asking my father when I was young, "What is the difference between a 'Baptist' and a 'Catholic'?.. If we are all 'Christians' then why do we call ourselves 'Baptist' or 'Catholic'? Why do 'Catholics' and 'Methodists' and 'Baptists' talk shit about each other? I was never given an answer that made any sense. All the preps, jocks, stoners, nerds, Goths, band geeks, etc... labels in school now seemed to correlate to religion because of the labels like Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Apostolic, etc... 

I also wondered why some girls had really long hair and only wore dresses. Apostolics do this and also the males are not allowed to wear shorts. I could and still can see if a female is an Apostolic or of a similar faith by what she is wearing. 

In my next post I am going to continue with this and eventually get to the point what led me to becoming skeptical about pretty much everything. 

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