Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 212: Dealing with Financial Aid

Just a little while I went to the office of financial aid to turn in information and to make sure all the information they needed they have received. I turned in information last week and they apparently couldn't find it. As soon as this happened I said to the girl assisting me, "You lost it? What the hell?" I became angry and all sorts of thoughts came up like "What if my financial aid doesn't get processed before the semester starts?", "That dumbass lost my information.", "I can't believe this". I realized that when I said "You lost it? What the hell?" that I was placing my anger on this girl who was working there who had nothing to do with losing this important information. I felt kind of bad and wondered if she thought that I was a dick. Before we parted ways I said "I know it isn't your fault; this is frustrating."

So I reacted automatically without realizing what I was reacting to. It is interesting how we can realize how we reacted towards another person when the other person did nothing at all. This is quite stupid, lol.

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