Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 214: My Life as a Skeptic Part Five

Today I watched a youtube video called "Dershowitz vs Chomsky debate Israel at Harvard"

Chomsky and Dershowitz were debating this topic and I realized I was a skeptic. I automatically thought that Chomsky's side of things would be correct according to my belief system and I was right, lol. What happened in this is that sometimes I couldn't hear Dershowitz's side of things because I had my mind already made up about who I thought was right on this topic.

While watching this debate, I realized that if I have my mind made up about something then I don't really hear the other side of something. Because I tend to like things that Chomsky talks about and his views on things I already automatically judged things before listening to this debate. I thought "Dershowitz is going to be wrong about everything". Watching this debate between Dershowitz and Chomsky has allowed me to see how bias I am. Sometimes I would have to go back and listen to a point of Dershowitz presented because I wasn't listening but was just sitting in my own mind, thinking I have the right view because I already, before hearing this shit, had made up my mind that Chomsky is right and Dershowitz is wrong. It is like, if I would listen to Chomsky debate anyone.. I would automatically believe Chomsky is right before a debate happens. My ego definitely limits me from hearing another person's point of view.

Being skeptical is actually bullshit, lol. This experience has allowed me to realize that pre conceived judgments are full of shit and don't allow me to hear another person's side of things. It is kind of like tuning another person out because the mind has already made up it's fucking mind. That is what happens, at least in my experience with this bullshit.