Monday, October 21, 2013

219: The name United States is Stupid

I just had this thought while watching a google hangout so I am just gonna write about it. Nations, why do they exist? They exist because a group of people has a different set of beliefs different from other groups of people. This is separation. In the world we have different  countries. The earth is one fucking planet but we as humans try and create our own planets so to say... so we don't have to deal with people whom we don't agree with.

 In the United States we have a country called America or the U.S and within this country we have states. I guess that is why America can also be called the "United States", lol. Within these states we have counties and counties have different rules and laws. Is this really unity?

The whole name United States is completely fucking stupid. If we were united then why would we have states in the first place? Some might say that these people no matter what state they are from believe in the country as a whole but disagree with such areas like gay marriage or the legalization of drugs.

Some states have legalized gay marriage and some others haven't. I think 14 states have legalized gay marriage although I am not certain at the moment. Some states have legalized medicinal marijuana and some others haven't. An interesting thing here is that the federal government comes in and arrests people who have legally bought marijuana in the specific state where it was legalized. So the federal government has control over the states in this manner. Is this Unity?

This all comes down to separation and separating ourselves from those whom we don't agree with, and because we don't believe alike we decide to draw lines on maps and separate ourselves from each other. I understand that having counties is a cool way to recognize a certain area where a population exists or area of land exists but the laws are different between counties. We have dry counties and wet counties. This separation between humans creates different laws and the whole reason is because people disagree with each other.

Will continue later

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