Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 220: Indoctrinated

I have almost completed my undergraduate degree. I have one more gen ed class in order to get the piece of paper that says I have been indoctrinated by the educational system. As long as I have been in college I can say that I have learned nothing at all. All of the classes are about memorization and regurgitation. In all the history courses I have taken it has been more about the dates and memorization of these dates than actually investigating why and how events happened. How fucked up this educational system is, and I am not necessarily coming from an emotional/feeling perspective here. Yes, I am pissed about this educational system and how students are taught but anyone with any common fucking sense should be able to SEE and UNDERSTAND that we aren't learning anything in the classroom. What we are learning is how to reguritate information and knowledge rather than understanding the bits and pieces of how things have come to be in this world.

Within this rant I realize I am angry at the system and that bitching about it isn't going to do anything for me but give me a fucking headache.  I will continue with this..

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