Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 221: Indoctrination and being Pissed Off!

Continuing on with my last post and within this I am going to write out how I feel about education. In the last post I said something like I am not coming from an emotional/feeling point when I look at the education I have received but I obviously am, lol. When I look at the education I have gotten myself into I am dissappointed. I remember a quote by Twain or Einstein, can't remember which one but the quote was something like "Never let your education interefere with your learning". This is how I feel about college and every other type of institution that has to do with learning or education.

So I am obviously pissed at the educational system for a lot of reasons that I am aware of. I sit here now and ask myself "what good is it to be so pissed off at this educational system?" I have been pissed off ever since I was in grade school - at teachers and classes and how things are ran, the system in general... but what good does this do? I realize that instead of being pissed off at how the educational system is ran today and all the bullshit involved that it would better to learn how to work with it. I realize that being pissed off at how today's educational system is conducted doesn't do anything but irritate myself and everyone around me. I can't change the system just because I don't agree with it. I am fighting fire with fire so to say.

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