Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 223: the Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Yesterday I saw the movie "the Secret Life of Walter Mitty", and I wanna share my thoughts and how I can relate to Walter in the movie. This was based on a book put out a long time ago.

Walter does this thing where he "zones out" and goes into the mind while missing the reality he is physically in. So he quite often goes into the imaginary reality of his mind. Anyone can relate to this imaginary type of thing whether it be backchat or imagined futures or whatever.

Two examples here:

 Walter sees a girl who he has a crush on and when he sees her he sometimes "zones out (as they call it in the movie)". He goes into the mind and imagines diving into a building that is about to blow up and saving his crush's dog. He imagines things that will impress her and "zones out" during these times while in actual reality she is right in front of him.

Another example is that Walter has a boss he doesn't like. There was a scene where Walter's boss gets on an elevator with him and he imagines this crazy fight where they are kicking the shit out of each other. When he comes back to reality he has noticed his boss poking him on the forehead with his index finger. This is a great example of extreme backchat.

Anyway, I don't want to give the whole movie away. He ends up finding out that in order to stop "zoning out" he does physical things and the more he does things in this physical reality the less he "zones out" and this is actual living. He learns how to live in the physical so to say more than he ever has through the adventures he ends up going through.

Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty in this picture. Every time he "zones out" I could relate. For example, sometimes I would be around certain teachers and think "fuck you you simple minded piece of shit" in my mind while smiling or while even the teacher is talking I wouldn't even hear what the teacher was saying because I was "zoned out" in my own imagination.

The title of the picture was called the SECRET life of walter mitty for a reason because it focuses on the secret backchat and imaginations we all go through. It was a cool film.

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