Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 225: Superbowl and Money

The superbowl is coming up. The spell check here just did the underline thing saying that I spelled superbowl wrong. If I spell superbowl as "Superbowl" the little red line won't show up under the word, lol. Interesting.

I was watching the local news recently and the topic of sales going up because of the "Superbowl" was being talked about. Televisions and other electronic equipment sales go up during the time of the "Superbowl".

"Retailers from Best Buy to Walmart have special promotions touting large-screen sale prices that run right up to the big game. Savings on HD displays can surpass 30% off the regular price and some big-screens are marked down $2,000 or more."

"The Super Bowl is just a tool to get people over the goal line, if you will," says Phil Swann "It's like car dealers who promote cars before graduation season or before a new school year. People who were thinking of buying one use the event as an excuse to justify what they have been wanting to do anyway."

Something I read "According to a National Retail Federation survey, consumer spending related to the Super Bowl will hit an all-time high this year. Spending will average $63.87 per adult viewer, up from $59.33 last year. When totaled up, spending on Super Bowl parties and related merchandise—jerseys, beverages, pigs-in-blankets, and so on—is expected to reach a whopping $11 billion. That’s a lot of pigs in a blanket."

In America, football is part of small talk.. the things you talk about with other people when you don't know what else to talk about or it is something that some are really passionate about.

If you look at it, those who care about watching the "Superbowl" are the same people who are religious, those who support the military, those who are patriotic, those who don't know what the monetary/money system even means, those who enjoy reality tv shows, those who believe what the media tells them, fucking etc....

This is society and it is REALity.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 224: It is financially supportive to be a fake person

Social media is a way that we communicate with each other today. We poke, tweet, send ims, etc... This is common sense.

What is so interesting is that we fear having an "online identity" because of many reasons but mainly because of our "reputation". Nowadays employers search for the person online that they are considering hiring. They use social media sites to judge them as to whether they want them as an employee or not.

I have witnessed many college teachers say that you should be careful with what you put online because it could get you into trouble. They say that you should be careful because what you place online could come back and be used against you.

The college that I am taking my last class at to get my undergraduate degree even put out an article called "Like it or Not, Your Online Identity is Your Brand". The article states "Is your Facebook profile picture appropriate for a resume? What about your spelling, language, and "likes"? Would you want a prospective employer to see who you follow on Twitter? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then Dr. Jane Johansen, professor of business communications, advises, "Go clean up your website."

I even have friends who use fake names on facebook because they don't want their reputation to go bad. What does all of this say about humans? It is clearly saying that we judge each other based on facebook and twitter accounts and that it is financially supportive to be a fake person. It is financially supportive to be a liar and a fake person. This society actually encourages the "fake it till you make it" mentality. This is just another confirmation that you can make more money by telling lies and being a fake person.

It is common fucking sense that humans don't want others to be honest with each other otherwise an online reputation would not be needed and we could instead be honest and true with each other.

What if we could express ourselves and share freely who we are without the fear of our income being taken away? What would happen?