Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 228: Snipers, Drones and Self

Ok, I have a WII game system and have been playing the game called "Call of Duty". It is a first person shooter type of game. I play it online and we play on different maps and basically kill each other. You can play team deathmatch, capture the flag and things like that. After playing this game for a while I have had a realization about sniper rifles.

A sniper rifle is a gun that someone uses when they don't want to be seen. A lot of people use sniper rifles on this game and it sometimes annoys me. I guess it makes it fun but I have the tendency to look at things and how they work. It made me think of why guns where invented in the first place, but I am looking at sniper rifles here.

When I got killed by a sniper the same thoughts kept coming up. Thoughts like "What the fuck? Why are these people hiding and shooting?" I started to think about why sniper rifles were invented. The point that guns were invented is fucked up enough but then another type of gun was invented for the whole purpose of concealing oneself while killing another life. Drones are also another form of a sniper rifle. The people who control the drones are hidden. They don't want to be seen because if they are seen their identity will be noticed.

While playing Call of Duty on WII I have noticed that I would be getting killed from areas that I couldn’t find. I couldn’t find where these people where killing me from. I noticed that some people have names like “HackersSuck” or something like that. I did some research and found out all of these glitches where people can hide and go off the map. This takes the fun out of playing the game. After seeing some of the glitch videos on youtube I started to recognize these people hacking the maps.

This is exactly how the system works. Humans who work in the system, in the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, the United States government, all governments, the WTO, the charity organizations, the educational system, the police and military, non profit organizations, ….. everything.

Everything is a reflection of everything else it seems and I am a part of it and participate in it. When I look at someone else who I think is doing something wrong there is usually something I can recognize that I do that is similar, maybe in a different context but essentially doing the same thing. So I am going to have to start looking at what I blame on others. All of the secret thoughts and backchat I have towards the system and other people if I am able to change this blaming, whining and complaining of why everything is fucked up.