Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 230: My Ego and Light and Love Part Two

I commit myself to stop posting knowledge and information online with the intent of getting a reaction or rise out of people. 

I commit myself to not accept and allow myself to join facebook groups that I know I don't agree with as I realize that seeing the posts are a trigger point for me to want and show my point of view.

I commit myself to be aware of when I want/desire to present my point of view to other people and I commit myself to be aware of the energy that goes with this want/desire.

I commit myself to stop and breathe when and as I want/desire to share my point of view to others while knowing in the back of my mind I am wanting/desiring to get the upper hand.

I commit myself to focus on myself and all of the internal things going on within me - the backchat, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, judgments, ideas, etc.. as I realize that by focusing on myself is a point of self responsibility that is best for me and every other living creature on this earth.

I commit myself to notice/be aware of the judgments that I have towards others and within this I commit myself to investigate the interconnected relationship between judging others and the reflection of myself.

I commit myself to remind myself when and as I judge another person that my judgment will always be invalid as I realize that I have never lived in that person's shoes so any judgment has nothing to do with them but me. 

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