Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 234: Practical Self-Commitments and Self-Corrective Statements continued

This is related to days 231 and 233

I commit myself to write self commitment statements that I can follow through with. I realize that I only know what I can follow through with and when and as I see myself coming up with ideas based on my imagination that are not practical I stop myself and breathe in and breathe out and bring myself back here and continue with committing myself to practical self commitments

I commit myself to utilize common sense self commitments that I know I can handle instead of self commitments based on some idea of who I want myself to be.

I commit myself to when and as I see and realize that I am imagining myself have changed to stop and breathe in and out. I realize that this imagination fucks with me because it is easier to imagine myself as having walked through something than to physically walk through it.

I commit myself to be aware of the connection between imagination and the energy it creates. I realize that the imagination has nothing to do with walking the physical and that is why energy is created through the imagination and I realize walking a point is not involved in energy. I commit myself to walk through the small and simple self commitments I have written out.

I commit myself to investigate and write myself out when and as I see myself going into the mind and imagining myself walking something. I realize that walking a point is done in the physical and that the mind interferes with this process.

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