Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 235: The Educational Institution of Jazz - Part One

It is interesting how things have changed over the last century. Back in the day people learned how to improvise and play jazz by meeting people on the streets and going to clubs and bars. It was a community type of thing. No institution was involved in creating the art form we call "jazz" but today it is something completely different. The educational institution has taken over.

I remember hearing an interview with Miles Davis saying that he left Julliard because everything was being created on the streets and that was what he wanted to be a part of instead of having some white man telling him how to play like a white man, lol. That was in the 1950s. Today, nothing is done on the streets. If any jazz music is being played in the bars today the players are most likely to have been educated or went to school to learn how to play music.

The educational institution has killed jazz at the moment. This "style" of music was not created by an educational institution but by individuals coming together to create.

You are more likely to get a gig today if you have been the professor's pet and if the professor has connections he will set you up with them when you graduate. Nothing is real anymore. It is all institutionalized.

Will continue...

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