Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 242: Communication at the work place

I wrote about slowing down and breathing through the rush hours during work the other day and have applied it ever since. Thinking that this would help with how up tight, pent up, and stressed I get while I am constantly running around for hours non stop bussing tables, cutting bread, refilling water, tea, setting up parties, etc.. I was able to slow down a bit and breathe a little easier although I was still pent up. So what has happened is that I was slower than usual. I made it a point within myself to not accept and allow my body to get that overwhelming feeling. It still existed but it was not intense as usual, which is cool. But something else happened. 

I noticed a waitress complaining to another waitress about me not bussing her tables quick enough. While going back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen I noticed this waitress complaining. It kept going on. I was aware of this gossip for quite a while so every time I was moving between the kitchen and the dining room I would see this waitress. I did not hear what was being said but just knew it through the body language. I wasn't aware of any backchat but just an angry emotion like 'oh there she is'. Next time from the kitchen to the dining room a feeling came up like "ugh." It was a noticing of seeing her. Right when I was going to bus her table she darts in front of me and starts picking up the dishes. She made it a point that I see her do this. Her body language was angry when she did this. I responded in a smart ass voice "Thank you ma'am", while walking to another table that needed to be bussed.  LOL, so I was obviously still edgy and pent up. While I was at the next table I stopped and breathed and I wasn't as angry as I usually would have been. I would have usually had backchat going on for a while but it was simply a noticing of what happened and that was it. I realized that seeing this gossip going on led me to be a smart ass. If backchat was going on I couldn't notice it because I was constantly doing physical things. 

Later on I was talking to the manager and told him "I am sure some servers have talked to you." He said yeah and that I was doing great with everything and that I am bussing my ass off except prioritizing all the multiple duties that I am responsible for and I agreed with him. We talked for a while about prioritizing my duties in a more efficient way and it was cool. I also made a suggestion to him that if anyone else has a suggestion then they should communicate it to me instead of being passive aggressive. So I explained the situation to him. Later on, that server came up to me and apologized and told me that she was being a bitch and we communicated with each other about how things went during the day.

After reflecting on this day it makes me realize that communication between individuals is important otherwise backchat, emotional feelings, and passive aggressive behavior tends to occur.


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