Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 246: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There have been many songs that I have liked but didn't want to admit it to myself because how the song has been portrayed in the public. I think that such a song would be cheesy to like because of how popular it was. For example, the tune "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," is a song I have always liked but never really allowed myself to enjoy. When I would hear the song thoughts like "This is a cheesy song that I don't care about" or "it sounds pretty but I don't want to listen to it because it is such a well known tune, it is so mainstream."

It is these thoughts that have actually hindered me from hearing the song and the changes. It is interesting that nothing is wrong with the song but with my idea of what I have judged the tune to be. I think it is a popular tune and when I hear it it reminds me of the mainstream knowledge of music because of popular movies and things that like. This has blinded or deafed me from hearing the actual song. I realize that you can't hear the chord changes and what happens in between the harmony when thoughts like this come up. I have accepted and allowed my mind to deaf me from hearing certain music.


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