Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 250: Imagining what others may be thinking

I started a new job recently and have already discovered where my mind starts to wonder and make things up. I am almost done with training and part of the job is for the person getting off work to go through med counts with me and sign a bunch of papers. When I arrived at work the other day the person who is supposed to do a wrap up with me just said "oh you're here, i'll c ya later." Later the boss came in and asked me what happened when I came in and I told her. The boss said she would have a talk with that other employee about what happened and how they were supposed to stay until med counts were finished. I immediately thought "Shit, now my co worker is going to think that I ratted on her." Earlier this morning I saw my co worker and was thinking up things in my mind like "Did she think I ratted on her?" "Does she not like me now?" "She seems different then she did the other day, I guess she is pissed at me." I realize that these are all imaginations in my own mind. Ah, the mind is one crazy thing, lol.